Month: April 2011

Tesco SWOT Analysis

Tesco is a public limited company that retails grocery and is involved in general merchandising of goods. The company was originated in East London in 1996 by Jack Cohen. The headquarters of this vast business empire are based in Cheshunt, Broxbourne, and Hertfordshire, England Strengths • Following the Wal-Mart and Carrefour Tesco has made its strong position being third largest grocery retailer in the world. • The company owns the special status in United Kingdom being the largest supermarket chain there. • The company is geographically diversified as it presents in fourteen countries not only cornering North America, Asia and Europe but also with huge market share of 30 percent in Ireland, Malaysia and Thailand. • The company has marked a special importance in the product range related to music downloads, Petrol, clothing, books, furniture, DVD rentals, financial, internet services, and telecom services. • The company’s stores have grown up to 4,811 localities. • The strong brand name especially in cotton fair-trading around the world. • The revenue of the company is £62.54 billion which is increasing every year along with addition of new stores in the supermarket chain. • The human aid of the company is very high that is 472,000 and is providing lots of employment opportunities around the world. • The best technology usage enhances sits marketing power with a commendable increase in online sales. •...

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Walgreens SWOT Analysis

Walgreens is the largest retailer of pharmacy in America. It is public owned company that was founded in Chicago, Illinois, United States in 1901 by Charles R. Walgreen. The company’s headquarters are based in Deerfield, Illinois, United states. The company is extending its services nationwide along 50 states of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Strengths • The company is being running at a very good pace incorporating technology at the maximum level both in the store and along the supply chains. • Successful implementation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) monitoring the display impacts in its store chains. • The digital lab facility is provided in eighty percent of the company’s stores. • The management team of the company along with huge employees’ strength of 237,000 is strong enough to up hold the company’s position. • The drugstores of the company have huge presence around 50 states with 8,169 stores providing excellence of services there. • The company assets are very productive and accounts for $25.1 billion. • The merger of convenience and technology through alliance with Hewlett Packard using Snapfish technology has considerably changed the pace of the company succeeding at faster rates. • Walgreens store designs are focused on single points providing the well executed services of convenience as well as bets serving. • Customer convenience is followed up by taking the prescriptions in multiple languages...

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Kroger (NYSE: KR) SWOT Analysis

Kroger, the country largest grocery chain is publicly owned and involves retails of wine, bakery, beer, dairy, banking, gasoline, frozen foods, deli, liquor, pharmacy, merchandise, produce and sea foods. The company now based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States was originated in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. The stores chains are purely American based with mostly inter American products. Strengths • The company is successfully providing its services in more than 31 states having 3,619 direct or subsidiary stores. • Being privately labeled the company has special emphasis on its customer care department to add up the good will of customers nod to ensure maximum sales in a sustainable way. • The company has maximum share holders as compared to all the competitors in 35 states. Overall company position remained at number one or number two in successive years. • The company’s main advantage over the others is its brand equity. It is amongst the  20 top most reputable companies • The company has a unique branding approach including banner brands, Kroger value and private selection. With the help of this three tiers approach the company enables the provision of its services to maximum group of customers. • Almost 43 % of  private labeled products of the company are being manufactured in their own 42 manufacturing units like diary processing, bakery products, cheese plants, meat processing units, beverages plant and several...

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