Category: Human Resource

Orientation Process Examples

An orientation process involves pre orientation preparation and orientation program.  Accountant In the pre orientation preparation Employee will be expected to bring their completed new-hire informational packages received...

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Cognitive Psychology

Cognition is a term that groups together the mental processes of perceiving, recognizing, conceiving, judging, and reasoning. The cognitive psychology focuses on how people and animals as well, structure their experiences, how...

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Motivational Psychology

A person’s achievement may fall far short of his ability. The college teacher will readily think of students with A-grade ability but C-grade achievement, and it is also true in athletics or dramatics that some persons who seem...

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What is Psychology?

Psychology can be defined as the science of activities of the individual. The science of human behavior is actually a group of sciences. On one side we find the physiology investigating the organs and cells that do the work of...

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History of Psychology

Psychology can be defined as the ‘study of mind and body’. The ancient man regarded ‘soul’ as something that was invisible and resided inside a person. He had his own explanations for the behavior of the soul and the body e.g....

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