There found a huge debate between the qualitative and quantitative data in which is occurred in order to deal with the preferences of both the data. In generally, the debate happened in knowing the most valid relations and methods of the qualitative and quantitative. The debate conducted between the qualitative and quantitative research is sometimes called as one of those hot button issues that are mostly discussed in the meetings or gathering of social research issues. In the opinion of direct participants and viewers, there is no conclusion in order to say that which research is more valid and better than the other because both of the researches involves great variation in every aspect and have strong foundation as well as the principles. Most probably in many of the researches, both qualitative and qualitative data is used and actually based on each others assumptions. When both types of data approaches are used in a research then such approach is called as mixed approach.  This debate actually provides the difference that is between the data which is collected and as far as the data is concerned there is no absolute major difference found in between both types of the data

Qualitative and Quantitative Data

[large]As in comparison of both the data there is no huge difference but in different perception a very little difference is observed. Because the qualitative data involves the descriptive form of data where as quantitative data includes numerical values and data is stated in digits. Both of these data are most probably not considered s different because of the following reasons.

All Qualitative Data Can Be Coded Quantitatively

Qualitative data when needed to be presented in the software’s is then converted into quantitative data in a way that every qualitative data is assigned by the numerical values. Such conversion is most commonly used in examining the hypothesis. An example for such conversion is taken as, in a survey; answers against open ended questions are made by the respondents and for their evaluation and accurate responses it can be calculated by using different scales in which opinions are supposed to be assigned by different numerical scales and codes.   Almost all the opinions are coded valiantly in a form of 1, 2, and 3 across each one.

All Quantitative Data is Based on Qualitative Judgments

[linkunit]All the quantitative evaluation is based on the qualitative judgments because when the numerical values are allotted to the qualitative data, it actually has no meaning until the description is not provided on its behalf. For a good and valid research report, qualitative and quantitative both data must be used.

Qualitative and Quantitative Assumptions

As in the debate of qualitative and quantitative, basically there is no difference but according to research point of view there are two myths about qualitative and quantitative data. Firstly the quantitative data is precise and deductive in reality which means that from a larger concept quantitative date concise its result evaluation. Second one is that qualitative is described and inductive in reality means that from a concise concept qualitative data describe the facts properly. .


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