The process of research generally begins from the wider areas of interest which is then precise to a certain problem which the researcher wants to study. Firstly when the topic is realized by the researcher e.g. to know the factors about how to motivate employees and kept their morale high. This is the very broader aspect of study then he/she has to minimize and concise its concept to as much as possible to have a better study. Researcher might use the hypothesis in order to have a precise problem. The structure of the results contains some components in order to have a better research paper because the more interesting the research is built, the more respondents wants to study it. The components are;

• Statement problem

• Theory formulation

View of literature

Theoretical framework

• Hypothesis

• Outcomes

• Reference list

Statement problem

[large]Before the start of the research, one should restricted to a problem and state it in a proper and precise form e.g. in factors involves in employee motivation, as this includes a lot of stuff but researcher has to pick up few and starts studying on that means that he limits himself in such scope and built the research questions by holding himself to that scope.

Theory Formulation

When the problem statement is built then to make it more appropriate theory formulation is done. Theory formulation consists of two steps; firstly it begins with the literature review. In which all the data is taken by viewing authentic publications. Effects and causes are defined and founded viewing the literature. As in the above stated example, employee motivation it is always known to be the effect and causes are the reasons like pays, benefit, job satisfaction and physical work conditions etc.  After having a strong view of literature, the next step is to formulate theoretical framework which depends upon the literature review. Theoretical framework is diagrammatical view of causes and effects which in terms of research are taken as dependent and independent variable. For theoretical framework, there must exists one independent and one dependent variables and dependent variables can’t exceeds form one.


Hypothesis is actually the testing of the research and is used to find out the relationship between two variables i.e. dependent and independent. Hypotheses are assumed so that it can be approved right and significant by the collection of primary and secondary data. The stronger the literature review, stronger will be the research. [linkunit]


The outcomes are attained from all the research conducted and came to the final discussion which was supported by hypothesis. It is actually the conclusion that was made on the whole study on order to conclude the objectives from the problem. All the points are stated in it all of the comparison made on their research.

Reference List

References are the important part in research. One should place all the references of the articles, books and authentic websites from where they gather their research related data.


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