Data is actually the raw facts and figures that are very helpful in making good information. In research there are considered to be as two types of data. These are;

• Quantitative data

• Qualitative data

Qualitative Data

Qualitative data is something that cannot be measured in numbers or be called as non numeric data. Qualitative data is one that deals with description like behavior, motivation, satisfaction, texture, appearance and knowledge etc. Qualitative research is used to investigate and find perceptive about people behaviors, thoughts, experiences and interests. For example, patients have description of their pain is instead of measuring it. In research qualitative data is gathered by taking people’s interviews and meeting with certain groups.

Quantitative Data

Quantitative data deals with the numbers means that the data involved can be measured. It includes the examples like height, age, wages, temperature, volume, costs and sales etc. in research, quantitative data is assembled in the form of numeric’s or figures.  For example, census conducted in different countries at national level that calculate the population and households.

Relationship Between Quantitative and Qualitative Data

[large]Most of the time their found a dissimilarities between qualitative and quantitative data because the point of view was given by different respondent that the data collected in quantitative form is more authentic, credible and with full descriptions whereas in contradiction with that some of the respondents states that data collected in  quantitative form is detailed, accurate and relative. But these statements don’t have any significance because ambiguously it is clear that both are inter related with each other because they are not supposed to be the opposite from each other. A significant statement about quantitative and qualitative data in research given that all the qualitative data is a foundation for all the quantitative data similarly qualitative data can be converted and manipulate in quantitative data. Conversion of qualitative to quantitative is made just for coding in software’s in which facts and figures are assigned for presentation and also the data quantitative is converted into qualitative for the purpose of attaining grouped discussions. But the factors which are by default qualitative will remain qualitative and the same is the case with quantitative.


Some of the limitations may found in the data involved in the research. They are;


• When the research involves qualitative data, it‘s become very difficult for the researcher to lock in all the situations and events with full self confidence.

• In concern with the qualitative data in research it takes time in understandings.

• Privacy and concealment problems occur while collecting the qualitative data.

• Problems occur if the data of both the researcher and applicants should be the same to have further information.


• As the human experience is involved in it then it become difficult to control all of its variables. [linkunit]

• Assumptions are made about all the people on the behalf of individuals.

• It should not be the entire time objective because research is based on the subjective stuff so their occur problem in analysis.


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