‘Managing the Toughest Generation’ is an excellent e-book written by the renowned Dr. Tim Elmore. Dr. Time Elmore is a best-selling author, as well as an international speaker on Generations Y and Z. The author relays knowledge to parents, leaders, coaches and other adults about the importance of teaching the young generation leadership skills and creating awareness amongst them about the harsh truths of practical life in an attempt to help them better deal with life and its dilemmas. His e-book ‘Managing the Toughest Generation’ talks about the diversity that exists in generations and its effects in the contemporary workplaces (Elmore, 2013).

The foreword is written by the personality Ted Weyn, who is professional active for over twenty-five years in the business world; and it describes the changes that have occurred in the generations that now exist and have thus started to have an impact on the general work environment. In the foreword, Ted Weyn names ‘generational diversity’ as the ‘silent inhibitor’ that hinders business growth. Weyn concludes by saying that the e-book is perfect for those businesspeople who are looking to benefit from the generational diversity in their industries and want to have a business culture that caters to every generation.

The first section of the e-book introduces the inhibitor that Ted Weyn discusses in the foreword (generational diversity). It states that there are now four distinct generational groups in existence in the business world, and the real challenge is the significant variance that is prevalent in the styles, values, and objectives of these four groups. The four groups are namely: ‘baby boomers,’ ‘generation X,’ ‘generation Y’ and ‘generation iY.’ The chapter mentions the CEO of Burberry, who brought the company to the front line with the help of the youngest associates who were employed by the corporation. The first chapter also reveals the aim of the e-book, which is to assist business leaders in reducing the gap that exists between these generations to better cultivate their capabilities for business success.

The next few chapters focus on a variety of themes. One talks about the meaning behind the phrase ‘America is number 1’ and completely demolishes the idea that it led only in positive sectors and showcased that it also comes in first when it came to aspects like infant mortality rate, AIDS, drug abuse and several others. According to the author, if the young adults are steered towards work and studies, their life would be more meaningful. Another chapter discusses the attitude of Generation Y in workplaces, given that this particular generation has the highest unemployment rate till today. This generation needs to be worked on and have some work ethics introduced into their systems if the economy is to be saved. One section of the e-book discusses the importance of work. It highlights the reasons why most of the younger generation does not know the value of work or hasn’t been exposed to the area yet. The reasons include parents not wanting their kids to grow up too soon, the parents fear for their child’s safety and the generation getting spending money for almost everything. The generations need to know the value of work to get a real-life experience, which is vital for their growth as well as the growth of the economy.

The next few chapters focus on a variety of themes, including why the younger generations do not have a work ethic, or why they do not know the meaning of real hard work. Reasons include them having being coddled by their school and by parents. Other chapters focus on the benefits of work and how meaningful work can help motivate young professionals. Another section discusses the advantages of inspiring Generation Y on the job and the ways in which this particular generation can be led successfully.

The e-book is a refreshing read for both business leaders and anyone wanting to learn more about the prospects. The author makes use of various surveys and talks by professionals to further authenticate his beliefs. This e-book will certainly give some perspective to the business leaders and life coaches, not to mention present and future parents regarding the future of the young generations and their stepping out into the real world.


Elmore, D. T. (2013). Managing The Toughest Generation.