Founded by Adam & Jojy in 20  July 2009, the objectives behind MBA Tutorials are to educate business management students, teachers and professional.

Who We Are?

MBA Tutorials is the product of Isolution company, operating online since year 2004. Isolution currently running around commulative of 15 Web sites or Blogs.

Isolution Protfolio

Isolution has been running number of  Web sites and Blogs sucessfully on various topics. 

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” Learning Never Ends”

Truely said, No boundries exist in education its a continous process. I hope our readers appreciate this idea and share their views and knowledge with us.


To Spread & Promote Education around the World


Provide Quality material on business management subjects to our readers and get their feedback for further improvements.

MBA Tutorials Authors

Adam Khan Kasi – BS(SE), MBA(MIS), MS(IT)

Iqbal Khoso – BA(Economics),MBA Finance & Islamic Finance

Asif Shah – BA(Economics),MBA Finance

Khush Dil Khan Kasi – BBA (Marketing)

Chakar Rind – BBA (Marketing)

Hanna Paul – BBA (Marketing & Finance)